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Transportation Leasing Services

In addition to professional charter bus transportation for trips near and far, we also provide professional transportation leasing for customers who may have more long-term needs.

For example, assisted living facilities, retirement communities, adult living communities, towns, cities and service organizations often times lease minibuses to provide their residents and clients with transportation services. We would be more than happy to discuss and provide information on the benefits of leasing to you.

Employee Shuttle Service

Moving employees from one location to another can be streamlined simply by offering on-site shuttling with either charter buses or mini buses. This can be a cost-saving measure for your organization as scheduled runs are established with designated pick-up and drop-off points. This works especially well for organizations with main headquarters and satellite locations within a drivable radius.

Benefits of this service, which directly impact your company, include reductions in lost productivity for employees (e.g. wasting time walking to and from a parking lot, driving their vehicle and perhaps conducting personal business while on company time) and more efficient delivery of mail and packages. Additionally, you may be eligible for government tax breaks for companies that put into place cost-saving measures which have a favorable impact on the environment, (the “going green” movement). With today’s economic conditions, who can afford not to take advantage of a potential tax break? Also, shuttling cuts down on fuel consumption, thereby reducing the carbon footprint created by your company – another favorable “going green” advantage.

Marketing and Advertising

When you think of charter bus travel, you probably think only of moving a group of individuals from one point to another. However, savvy business owners also use charter buses creatively to promote their products and services, which are limited only to their own imaginations. Fundraising, competitive shopping, promotions & marketing campaigns, (Bus Wraps), real estate marketing, etc. are some of the ways in which companies utilize professional ground transportation.

Perhaps you hadn’t thought of a charter bus as a mobile billboard for advertising – many of these vehicles are on the road almost 365 days a year, traveling through numerous cities and towns! Imagine the exposure your business could be getting if your company name and services were displayed for all to see across the many miles these charter buses cover!

Here’s an example of how one industry is creatively utilizing bus transportation to its advantage in these tumultuous economic times:

With the overflowing surplus of homes in the foreclosure market, realtors are finding bus charters to be a valuable marketing tool – they are taking buyers/investors on foreclosure tours. Being able to show their home inventory to a number of individuals at once is an efficient use of time and allows the realtor to showcase properties while en route to them.

Our Creative Marketing consultants will gladly discuss how charter buses can be effectively used for your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Now that you know about us and how we can assist you, let’s get started on the reason you need our services, namely, to secure transportation for your current and future travel requirements. Fill out the contact form at the top of this page to get started saving time and money!